Finding The Best Possible Result For Child Support

Child support in Illinois is calculated as a percentage of income, with consideration for the number of children who require support. In a collaborative process, an experienced family law attorney can help you negotiate terms that consider a broader set of facts, including a child's unique medical, physical, emotional and educational needs.

The firm of Nordin & Sturino, P.C., helps divorcing parents negotiate fair support plans that do not overwhelm the payer or short-change the child. From our Naperville, Illinois, office, our firm also represents clients who are seeking modifications to existing child support agreements or who need help with the enforcement of an existing agreement.

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You Need To Ask. You Want To Pay.

When it comes to child support, parents often feel conflicted. The parent who is being asked to pay sometimes feels offended. The parent who is requesting support often feels awkward about asking. Part of being a good parent is taking your focus off your personal feelings and putting all of your attention on what is best for your child.

If you are the custodial parent, it is important to recognize that you are entitled by law to child support payments. It is your right, but it does not happen automatically — you must make the request. Attempts to "be nice" and do without or to count on the good will of your former spouse can result in the forfeiture of your rights and the rights of your child. Part of being a good parent is asking for support on behalf of your child.

If you are the non-custodial parent, it is equally important to recognize that by law you are obligated to make support payments. Of course, those payments should be fair and should not put an undue burden on you. If a change in your life or income affects your ability to make the established payments in the future, we can work with you to seek a modification to your child support order. It is important to remember that your payments are directly paving a path to a stable, secure and healthy future for your child. Part of being a good parent is contributing your share to your child's financial well-being.

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