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Naperville Divorce Attorneys

Divorce and Family Law Representation

At Nordin & Sturino, P.C., we know that going through a divorce can be an emotionally trying time. It is something you never thought would happen to you. We will guide you through the divorce process and help you plan for your future.

Our firm represents clients in contested and uncontested divorces. Our divorce clients are often referred to us by other satisfied divorce clients who appreciate our practical and positive approach. To speak with a compassionate and proven divorce attorney in a free half-hour consultation, contact a Naperville, Illinois, divorce lawyer today.

Focused on Building the Future

We take the time to get to know you and how a divorce will affect your life. We often counsel our clients that, while a divorce is a difficult time, it is only a period in one's life, after which they have a chance to step into a happier future.

We strive for amicable divorce proceedings, which are less costly and less time-consuming than contentious divorces and which preserve a couple's ability to co-parent when children are involved. We assist with a variety of divorce-related legal matters:

The Divorce and Bankruptcy Connection

In the current economy, divorce and bankruptcy often go hand in hand. Sometimes financial stress is the breaking point for a couple who have been hanging on for some time. More and more often, couples need help figuring out not just how they will divide their assets, but also how they will divide their debts.

Our firm is experienced in helping individuals navigate through these two significant life events. You can file for bankruptcy before, during or after a divorce. You can file the bankruptcy jointly with your spouse or separately. We can help you make the right choices for your situation so that you do not enter your new life burdened by overwhelming debt. We will also protect your rights so that you are not unfairly held liable for your spouse's debts, and we will carefully draft your property settlement to help you avoid any negative effects if your spouse chooses to file bankruptcy after the divorce.

If you are heavily burdened by debt and seeking a divorce, it is important to select a lawyer who understands both aspects of your case.

Contact a DuPage County Contested and Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

We believe strongly in and encourage efforts at settlement whenever possible. However, we will be by your side no matter what turn your divorce takes. If this sounds like the type of family law attorney you want to represent you in a divorce, contact us to learn more about our style and about your legal options. We are happy to provide a free half-hour consultation.

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