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Naperville Spousal Maintenance Attorneys

Spousal Maintenance Lawyers for DuPage County and Beyond

Worries about spousal maintenance or alimony can be overwhelming for either party in a divorce. It can be hard to imagine how you will regain financial stability when you are paying spousal maintenance on top of your normal living expenses or how you will manage when you are receiving only a fraction of the financial support that you enjoyed when you were in the marriage.

At Nordin & Sturino, P.C., we understand that for most couples money is tight, and divorce often makes it even harder to make ends meet. Our firm helps clients in and around Naperville, Illinois, negotiate spousal maintenance agreements that are fair and manageable.

Contact us to have a frank discussion about your current financial situation and how it could affect the spousal support payments that you make or receive.

Get the Help and Tools You Need to Live Your New Life

Our firm helps clients stay focused on the big picture and try to ease their anxiety about their financial future. Our background in bankruptcy and debt relief cases allows us to provide comprehensive counsel in this area. Ultimately, the courts will determine whether you are required to make, or are eligible to receive, spousal maintenance payments. However, the courts are not in a position to help you figure out how you will balance your personal budget with additional financial obligations or with a change in your standard of living.

We can often offer creative solutions that work hand in hand with your spousal maintenance agreements — debt reduction, debt restructuring and bankruptcy options that make your new financial situation more manageable.

The reality is that while the process is emotional and difficult, it generally leads to a brighter future. Our goal is to help you emerge with the tools and resources you need to live your new life and to move forward with a minimal amount of resentment and hostility.

Post-Divorce Modifications

Life changes including a loss of income or employment or a medical emergency can affect your spousal support agreement. If you have experienced significant changes, we can seek a modification to your existing agreement — whether you are making payments or receiving them. We can also assist you with enforcement if your former spouse has failed to make payments.

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The court may award spousal maintenance as part of your divorce based on a number of factors, including the length of your marriage, your income levels and your work history. Speak with an experienced divorce attorney who can review your situation and provide an informed assessment of how the courts are likely to rule and who can present a full range of options to you. Contact us for a free half-hour consultation. Call our Naperville, Illinois, office at 630-848-9287 | 800-618-6326.

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